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            John A Maiorino 

"We become what we think"

Learn the secrets to changing your thinking habits, and those of your team By John A Maiorino & Dr. C Van Nagel

Hi!  Do you need to improve your

Mental & Emotional  Habits to Foster Positive Engagement &  Social Relationships?

John A Maiorino MA, - Engagement Performance Master

Learn Modern Scientific Practices in how to create a lasting "Mindset" that will positively effect your personal relationships, health and even business performance with others in your life.

John has lectured in 15 countries on powerful subjects like "The Power of the Subconscious Mind", Thrive: The Pursuit of Happiness and Success", and "Enhancing Emotional Intelligence" to name of few of his dozens of lectures and full seminars.

Working with some of the top Psychologist in the nation, Dr Van Nagel and Dr. Alex Sanders and Universities like Stanford,  The team delivers ground breaking information on how to control the mind to overcome life's challenges and implant success factors into every day habits.

 Call John for an interview to determine how we might speak to your group or company about how to  create an environment and/or the skill sets to change everyday thinking into positive engagements for people or businesses. 



 For more information about our International courses, visit our sister sight at 

w​ where we offer programs to alleviate the many problems inherent with the current situations in the world, such as The Remote Worker, The Certified Virtual Leader, and Innovating the Workplace, all moving toward the "New Normal" in society today.  

Dr. C Van Nagel

Dr. Van Nagel has been a teacher, psychologist, university professor, researcher, and national and international speaker and trainer. He has trained thousands of people in the areas of stress management, behavior modification, Neurolinguistic Programming, (NLP), speed-reading, and learning strategies. He has written several educational books and has won prestigious awards for his teaching and program development EG, National University Continuing Education Award, American Teacher Education Award, University of North Florida Outstanding Teacher Award, and others. Dr. Van Nagel’s goal is to simplify the complex and enhance the quality of life for everyone.


A Sample of our Seminars

Relax under Stressful Conditions in Life

Learn  to reduce negative stress or convert the negative to positive stress simply by changing your thought patterns and habits for a much longer and healthier life.  Coach others in your relationship sphere of influence to do the same.

Master the Art of Creating an Engaging Environment

Use proven Engagement Principles to create a lasting positive environment for your personal life. and your business, to build outcomes that improve relationships health and productivity throughout your circle of influence.

Innovating the Workplace in the New Normal 

 In today's business and social environments, a New Normal is under construction, that promises to deliver changes in how we work, study and remain in a safe environment. Based on the latest environmental solutions, we offer three unique programs that help Innovate your environment, as well as manage this environment. 


If You Have Any Questions or want to Schedule a Class or Session

Please call the Office of  

 Merit Associates at (757) 676-1220

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