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Upcoming Seminars

Zoom Classes 

6PM to 8PM  est  Sessions  

Enhancing Emotional Intelligence:  Five (5)​ Sessions 


 Mondays  August 3rd - August 31st 

Managing Stress under Pressure - Four  (4) Sessions.

 Thursdays August 6th - 20th 

Thrive: The Pursuit of Happiness and Success: Seven (7) Sessions 

   Thursdays, September 3 - October 15th 

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and offer  Feedback

on what additional courses you would like to see.

The Merit Culture Building Program 

​Creating the Right Environment For Growth and Prosperity

Why Culture is Essential to Prospering as an organization:

Kotter & Heskett Study

11 year study of 200 Major Global Companies

Study focused on the relationship between Managing the HR culture and business performance

Study correlated primarily with profit and growth

Performance Measures   Focus           No Focus

Revenue growth                682%                 166%      

Employee growth              282%                  36%

Stock price growth            901%                   74%

Net income growth           756%                   16%

Take your Organization through the Steps for Culture Building

1.  Chose the RIGHT Values - ones that you thoroughly believe in

2. Chose people who fit with those values for leadership

3. Recruit people who fit those values 

4. Create a set of requirements for how every employee is evaluated 

5. Appraise activities that support these values 

6. Reward the behavior that supports these values

7. Communicate these values every day in every way

 By creating a Culture that includes these values, you and your business will attract the best employees, customers and friends for greater personal and professional success.

Our Organization will help you select core values, and train your leaders on how to apply these seven steps to achieve a thriving culture. 

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