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Addition​al Seminars available by Dr. Van Nagel and John Maiorino 

The "New Normal" Working Environments

With these unprecedented times, the impetus for remote working for organizations has never been greater. This group of seminars, both on-line and in person, will share some of the most important skills and principles to know to be successful at Innovating your new working environment, the skills to lead the remote worker,  and the skill set to working from an isolated position.

Innovating the Virtual Working Environment

This seminars is designed to share some of the most important skills and strategies to rethink your working environment and ultimately change  the work  flow,  the structure, and culture to sustain the new normal business process. 

Managing the Remote Worker

Leading virtual workers requires  dynamics and skills that very few managers automatically possess.  Many of the "in person" engagement skills that are necessary to truly assess, motivate, coach, discipline and train people are different when you cannot see or watch a worker remotely.  Learn about these skills in this step by step building process to build your personal management skills to effectively lead and motivate workers remotely

The Virtual Worker

Becoming a  Remote Worker is a challenging proposition, and one that must be carefully crafted to be successful. In addition to doing the work from a remote position, the environment that supports motivating and productive work flow falls on you the worker, to commit to isolation and self disciplines that few really possess.  This seminar will teach you and your manager how to create the environment and master the remote skills necessary to be a successful virtual worker.

Communicating with Employees during the Crisis

This program provides some valuable tips for staying in touch with employees during the coronavirus crises, and helping them feel cared for, valued and reassured. 

Leading Teams to Work Together 

The dynamics of Team Building and Organizing Teams is paramount to building a successful platform for working together through the many changes around and through the coronavirus crises.  Providing a Sense of Purpose, Sharing and Brainstorming new ideas, and Team Dynamics is the core of this training program.  

Speed Learning 

The changes that have been coming our way in almost any life or business is beyond dynamic, and often overbearing. Lately these changes are moving at warp speed due to the changes in the way we work, and the new technologies we must master.  

This program teaches any individual how to learn anything new, faster and more complete. It uses several psychological breakthrough principles that will enable you to overcome the pressure and really focus on learning the new skill. 

What our customers are saying

"This amazing team of professionals, with a rare range of experience in both business and psychology makes every engagement a rare opportunity to learn new ways."

Director, Social Security Learning Academy

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