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I'm John Maiorino, Trainer, Global Speaker and Consultant

I have traveled to 18 countries to lecture on over 35 business and personal subjects, such as Change Management, Culture Building and Leadership.  My background in both Psychology and Enhancing Business Performance, offers many solutions for success in life and business.


John Maiorino's education and broad experience in both Psychology and Business Engineering has helped many corporations like Unisys, Bank of America, Edison Power and The US Government through transitional stages of growth and development. In addition to organizations, his lectures on the Power of the Subconscious Mind, Emotional Intelligence and Happiness have won rave reviews all over the world.



Certified in Thrive: Happiness and Success & Emotional Intelligence  Plus Numerous Curricula by  Stanford University Authors


Delivered Seminars on E.I and Positive Psychology throughout US, Mid East & Europe

2010 - 2014

Furthered education on Human Relations & Engagement for Personal and Corporate Utilization 


President of Merit Associates, Div or MTC and International Director. Delivered over 250 Corp. Programs in 15 Countries

1991 - 1997

Vice President of Merit Training Corporation. A premier training and consulting firm focusing on Fortune 500 companies and large Governments.

1980 -

Director of Learning for one of the largest International Computer firms with 30,000 employees

Merit Associates past Clients Include...

Merit’s global and USA clients range from Government Agencies, Large Banks and Major Oil Companies, to Local Community Organizations.

The following is a partial representative list of clients served by Merit Associates:

  • Corporations:

    • Health Care: Delivered complete curriculum on Total Quality Mgt. to the National Health Care Organization
    • Utilities: Complete new culture and enterprise wide training curriculum for Edison Power when deregulated
    • High Technology: Unisys, G.E., IBM, Zain Telecom, Mobily, Honeywell, DEC (Compaq).
    • Banks and Other Financial - Over 140 banks, including 4 of largest, + Fannie Mae, for complete curriculum's
    • International - Over 180 different programs delivered in Canada, Mexico, UAE, Egypt, Malaysia, Great Britain, France, Italy, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi, Oman, Turkey, Austria and Amsterdam from 2002 to 2018.
    • US Federal Government: Created a custom Performance Management System for the Dept of SSA, and leadership training.  Continuous Leadership Training. Coached Executives in Several Agencies. 
    • State and Local Government: Leadership and Quality Assurance Programs for State of Virginia, and California, and City of Coronado.  
    Community Organizations, clubs, local colleges and speaking engagements
    • The Villages Enrichment Academy & Life Long College
      • The Power of the Subconscious Mind
      •  Thrive: The Pursuit of Happiness
      •  Enhancing Emotional Intelligence
    •  Sample Community  Club Lectures 
      •  Strategies that Empower Health, Longevity and Well Being
      •  The Dynamics of Communication Skills that connects all Generations and Cultures;
      •  The Key Habits to Sustainable Happiness.
      •  Stress Management & Self Control
      •  Programming the Brain for Peace and Calmness
      •  Strategies for Dealing with Negative Thoughts
      •  Creating Great Engagement Skills
      •  Getting Ahead of the Speed of Change
      •  Excelling at Making good Decisions 

What clients and students are saying about John Maiorino

"Johns lectures on Happiness ​and Emotional intelligence should be required for every person entering different life stages. It changed my life"- Scot Roberts, Attorney 

"This was one of the best run programs our department has ever experienced in our many years."

Executive Head of Dept. of Social Security, 

"John kept our tough leaders in a spell all week with practices and strategies that will propel us to greater hights" 

Countrywide Mortgage  

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